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Nice Office Guy is leaving :(

This week I've been working overtime with Nice Office Guy. I like Nice Office Guy. He's smart and he cracks silly and mostly uncecessary jokes. Nice Office Guy is easy to poke fun at, but in an endearing sort of way.

Nice Office Guy just confided in me that he is going to retire in a month. Nice Office Guy is 25 years old....thats year younger than me. He and his wife are in real estate selling foreclosed homes.

A lesser man would be jealous, but I'm not. I'm really proud of Nice Office Guy. He works hard. He came by my desk, oozing with excitement and told me the big news. I was inspired to hear how someone in my age group can be free. I mean...REALLY free! It reminded me that we don't have to live by social standards. We can be our own bosses. Thats a lesson that I lose touch with sometimes.

Nice Office Guy gave me a quiet pep talk, "Whatever you have to do to get there it. I don't care if its with music or with whatever else it is that you do. You can do it!"

To think that he won't have to answer to anyone else almost brought a tear to my eye. Not out of jealousy, but out of the happiness that followed realizing that I can do it to.

I felt the same pride the each of the times when Ryan, Rory, and Danny told me they were going to pursue comedy full time. Its liberating to realize that your peers are following their dreams.

I've always wondered when my time will come, while at the same time working to MAKE the time come to me (as opposed to just waiting for it). I'm at a slow period right now. Theres so much that I'm capable of doing and I'm trying to do it, but perhaps I'm not trying hard enough. Terrell, bka, Nice Office Guy has taught me a lesson today.

Fuck sleep.
Work harder.