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Q.Ledbetter vs. Evil Q.Ledbetter!!!!!!

Apparently, theres a dude in the office who looks just like me.

There have been three occasions when a man has walked up to me asking questions irrelevant to my life. He thinks I'm someone else. Two of those times I have played along as if I was this person whom he thinks I am (see a prior blog from 1.5 months ago).

Just now the mail guy asked, "Are you the cat that I was talkin' to earlier in the elevator?" I said I wasn't and he was like, "You gotta twin brother that works here?"

NOTE: I do, actually, have a twin brother, but he doesn't work here in the office. I was going to say that, but the conversation would've ended up being longer than necessary. I kept the identity of my real life twin brother a secret so not to confuse the elderly mail guy.

"No, I don't have a twin that works here," I said. He wnet on to say that there is a man who looks exactly like me in the office.

This man has stolen my face and he must be stopped. I don't want this guy going around tryin' to sleep with mah' wife!!!! (Conner, 2007)

I'm just jokin'...I'm not married, but eye witnesses have confirmed that I do have a clone and that clone works here in my office.

My self esteem will be bruised if/when I run into my clone I think he's ugly.