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boobies with breakfast...

While shaving this morning I noticed that my facial hair hasn't been growing as fast and as scruffly lately, which is good because I can't stand having facial hair. Thats a plus.

While ironing my shirt I was whistling a tune from a new album I got yesterday, The Reminder by Feist. Its an incredible album and I was excited to get into my car so I could enjoy it on my way to work. Thats a plus.

While getting dressed I realized that I had enough time to take it easy for a bit. No rushing out of the house like usual. Thats a plus.

I thought maybe I had a bit of time to go downstairs and enjoy a bowl of Apple Jacks, but then it happened:

Roommate No.2's female associate came out of his room just as I was coming out of mine to head downstairs for some Apple Jacks action. Nothing strange right? Wrong. She was bucket booty ass nek'kid. sure she was holding a towel, but I don't think she realized that the towel was accomplishing minimal coverage of her lady lumps.

ME: woah!

HER: Oh!

ME: woah, woah, woah....

*while covering eyes and holding my hand out as if to keep her at bay*

HER: Hahahahaha...its ok, Q!

ME: woah.

HER: Its alright. I have a towel on......

*again i say...minimal coverage*

ME: Well...ok.

HER: Have a good day at work, Q!

ME: have a good day doin' what you do.

Here's the thing. My roommate's female associate is kinda good lookin', but I don't know if this was a "plus" like the other events of the morning. It was more awkward than anything pleasant that the average male feels after seeing a naked woman in his house. I suppose thats because I don't consider myself an average male. I mean, nothing bad happened so its not a "minus" on the day. It was just very awkward for me; especially since I'm such a gentleman 'n all. She seemed cool with it though. Then again, I suppose the type of person to walk around naked in a house besides their own would expect to encounter situations like this.

I dunno....

I left the house immediately following "the sighting", so I didn't get my Apple Jacks. Ho Hum :( I'm going to get waffles to go with this side of awkwardness. I may even get a Red Bull to wash it all down.

top of the morning to all of you....