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...the irony of my irony is more ironic than ironed ire........what?

Earlier I posted a blog on dis'ear site in which I suggested to myself that I withold my feelings from certain people. It was like a bad episode of Sex in the City had crossbred with the last 7 minutes to any episode of The Wonder Years. I deleted it. You're welcome.

Anywhoo and whatever, I just moved into a new house and had to buy a gang of extra shit. Now my bank account is down to $50.33. If it weren't for my photo shoot tomorrow that $50.33 would have to last me until NEXT Friday. THATS A WHOLE WEEK FROM NOW! I'm no longer in college, so I'm not sure I have what it takes to pull that off again.

NOTE: One month while attending VSU, I had $10.78 to last me 3 weeks. I pulled it off. Remind me to waste 5 minutes of your life telling you the story on that one. Its very unintriguing.

Why am I telling you this?

I'll tell you why! Its because......