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the pimp smack that saved the world....

Once upon a time...roughly two or three blogs ago...I said I would not tell you how the fashion show went. Well, the fashion show was so funny that I've decided to go against my word and share a few tidbits.

Before the show me and some of the models were hanging out in a friend's dorm room. Maria went to a site where there were pictures of her with Music Industry Mogul Russel Simmons. That's not whats interesting about this tidbit; whats interesting is the name of the site:

There was a rap group performing in the show. They had their rehearsals at the same time the models were rehearsing. They were horrid. They had a unique brand of crunk. I tried to think of a funny and clever analogy or metaphor to bring humor to how bad they sucked, but I can't think of anything. There is nothing funny about the level of wackness they displayed.

While the rap group was performing I was making fun of them backstage. I was getting really crunk with one of the other models who joined in on the fun. While we were being crunktastical, I accidentally smacked the model in the mouth with my forearm. It was the most crunk I'd ever gotten and I lost control. She paused for a second, covered her mouth, and sprinted to the restroom. I didn't know what to do. I had never struck a woman before. She came out a few minutes later with a wet towel over her lip. She bled. This woman bled because I smacked her in the face while getting crunk. The most I could do is shower her with apologies. I feel like shit.

I haven't been to too many fashion shows and I haven't walked a whole lot of runways, but I'm pretty sure that more than 35 people should be in the audience.

NOTE: Ten of the audience members were with the rap group.