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quincy quincy bo bincy

...banana fana fo fincy mi my mo mincy


The media is doing this thing with the names of celebrity couples that is annoying the shindigs outta me. They've gotten into the habit of fusing the names of a couple who are dating. I'm sure you've heard this before, but just in case you've been living under a rock for the past 7 or 8 months I'll give examples:

1) Ben Afleck and Jennifer Lopez = Bennifer

2) Brad Pit and Angelina Jole = Brangelina

Tom foolery such as this must come to an end. If my friends did this, I would end our friendship. Seriously, if my best friend Ryan and his wife Anne asked people to address them as 'Ryanne' (pronounced "ran") I wouldn't hang out with Ryan anymore. If my friends Kojo and Aparna started calling themselves 'Aparnjo', that shit wouldn't fly with me.

NOTE: I know Kojo and Aparna aren't dating, but lets make believe that they are, so that last example can work.

JUST THOUGHT OF THIS WHEN I MENTIONED APARNA: Aparna was at the Laughing Lizard Comedy Club tonight. She and I have traded myspace comments VERY few times and we've never conversed in person at all. Tonight as me, Ryan, and Anne were leaving the club she said, "Bye, Quincy," and then she held up her hand for a hi-five. A hi-five is an appropriate parting gesture for two people who have never actually conversed in person. A hug would be inappropriate for me and Aparna. Needless to say, I went for the hug. I saw her go for the hi-five, but I wanted to make an awkward attempt to take things to the next level. I held out my arms to serve her a Q.Ledbetter value deal of hug and smile. She accepted. Thats what you call "going the distance". I'm ambitious like that.

If Halie Berry wanted to get married to me on the condition that I take her last name as opposed to her taking on my name, "Ledbetter", then I think I'd consider it. 'Quincy Berry' has a nice ring to it. Call me a snaggle puss if you want, assholes. You know you'd consider it, too. C'mon...this is Halie we're talkin' about.

I think I have a date tomorrow, but I'm not sure what the girl is considering it to be, so I'm not calling it a date. I'm calling it "hangin' out with this chick". I bring it up around my friends (all 4 of 'em) to see if they'd call it a date. I want it to be a date. Not because I'm interested in this girl (don't know her well enough), but because I'm tired of people asking me when the last time I was on a date was and me having to answer back, "Early 2005." That shit is embarassing. I could lie, but lies make Jesus angry.

Wish me luck, ok.