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shake whut yo' mama gae'ya

I wonder if my new roommates will let me put on a house warming party for the new crib. Hmmmm. If I throw a house warming party I think only about 5 people would show up and I'm sure those 5 people would want to go out to a club and I hate clubs so I'll more than likely stay home.

Said house warming party will last about 30 minutes; 25 of which will be spent with my friends trying to convince me to go the a club. The following week will be spent with them not answering my phone calls because I "left them hanging".

Crap like this happens at least once a month. I'm sorry friends :( I'd rather watch movies and play the fork game. Have you ever played the fork game? If not, I feel sorry for you. The next time you, me, and at least 4 or 5 other people are in a room together, I'll run to the kitchen and grab a fork and make the it happen. The fork game is pure hotness....get familiar.

Who got kicked off of American Idol last night? I didn't see.

Booty dancing with women feels strange. Its especially strange when the woman you're dancing with seems to be dancing to the rhythm of the heart beat of a chrystal meth addict.

One time I was dancing with a girl who was grinding on me so close that I think I got her pregnant. I kept dancing with her because at the time there weren't too many people on the dance floor and I didn't want to just stop and be all like, "I'm finished with molesting you now." I didn't want her to feel rejected. I'm not saying that not dancing with me would crush her self esteem. What I'm saying is that she seemed to enjoy dry humping strangers in clubs and I didn't want to rob her of that joy. I wasn't just thinking of myself...I was genuinely concerned for her feelings.

That sounds like sarcasim, but its not. Thats really the reason why I kept dancing with her.

Peoples' insecurities are magnified 10x while they're in the club. This includes mine.

I'm almost done typing this blog.

When you buy diamonds, please make sure that you're getting them from a legitamate diamond dealer. Unspeakable acts are performed to diamond miners in Africa to bring you blood diamonds. I'm talking about tear wrenching acts. If you saw the way people lived over there on TV, it would bring you to tears. I can't imagin seeing that kind of thing in real life.

Did you know there was a real life beyond myspace, television, and the comfort of your homes? There is a real life. You should introduce yourself to it sometime.

Ok...Now I'm done typing this blog.