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my phone is wackness

If I haven't called you in a while its because my phone isn't working properly. The battery dies after about 5 hours and none of my chargers are working. I can't find another charger as my phone was created the day after the T.Rex became extinct. A caveman invented my cell phone.

This is all an uninteresting and non-funny way of saying that my phone is obsolete.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and I said, "I can't find a new charger for my phone because its obsolete." They replied, "Its what?!" I said, " you not know what 'obsolete' means?" They got quiet as shame wrote itself across their face. Seriously...thats almost as bad as you all believing my story about the orgin of 'Friday'.


I'm an idiot and here's why:

Yesterday I was in a meeting for work. I started to day dream. Now, if you know me, then you know how into my day dreams I get. I talk to myself, I sing, I dance, I have conversations....its really that bad.

Anyways, I was day dreaming about being a beat. I was imagining that I was music. After a few seconds into the climax of this lil' day dream. I started beatboxing in the middle of the meeting. I'm not lying about this. I started beat boxing. It wasn't obnoxious, but it was loud enough for my boss (who is my bosses' boss) to give me a look.

Later on during the same meeting I started to doze off. I got another look from my boss. I'm sorry, but setting up VISIO charts of government procedures is not interesting to me and when things get uninteresting I get restless.

Shortly afterwards I said my eyes got heavy beause my contact lenses were dry. I'm a horrible liar.

People who do/would look weird with facial hair:

Tyson Beckford
Michael Jackson
Donald Trump
Kurt Loder
Yo Mama
My Mama

People who would look weird without facial hair:

Steve Harvey
My Dad

Ok...I'm going to get some breakfast now. Later for your faces.