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i've made a decision....

I was watching America Undercover on HBO and they had a special on being a girl in a brothel. Apparently, this is a reality series that glorifies the lifestyle of a call girl/prostitute. The girls seemed to be having a great time telling stories of their clients and how much money they make. Its all very interesting.

So, screw going to college and reading books. Pssssssh!!!! Nope! I'm gonna be a prhoefessional. I wish I made this decision years ago.

Watching those girls changed my life. Here I am working a government job to pay my bills. Why have I been hustling through the night to make my dreams a reality? For what reason have I been following morals that my parents and/or loved ones have instilled in me since birth? All this time I could have bought a plane ticket to Las Vegas and moved into a whore house with girls who have low self esteem, just like me. Do you mean to tell me that I could have been dishing tales of sexual escapades with my peers in between scheduling my next cosmetic surgery and sleeping with my boss so that he can "assess my sex drive"?

Wowie Dowie! SIGN ME UP!