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be glad for what you happy to be alive

I woke up this morning, grumbled to myself about how cluttered my house is, complained about how its cold outside, got upset that I wanted to be in the studio instead of here at work.

Whether we admit it or not, we all have little complaints and grievances that take hold of us. We all bitch and moan and whine about trivial things. Don't pretend like you don't because you do.

I heard and read about what happened down at VA Tech today and it was a MAJOR wake up call. The families of the 32 dead and the 28 wounded have a lot to deal with now. We forget that things like this happen to families around the world EVERYDAY! I can't imagin having a loved one's life stripped away for no cause and no reason.

Please find it in your hearts to pray or at least have well wishes for the people who lost their lives, the ones that almost did, and their family and friends.

Its good to be alive. Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER forget that.