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oh, Imus.....

So, by now I'm sure you have all heard about Mr. Imus and his racially driven remarks about a WNBA basketball team. Calling a group of females that could probably kick your ass "nappy headed hoes" is a no no. Set aside the fact that its a sterotypical remark...all of these women could kick Imus's ass. If I were him I'd fall back a bit. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are on the issue and are calling for Imus to be fired by NBC and pushed off the airwaves.

Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are like Batman and Robin. Their relationship is cool because either one of them could be the Batman. Its a matter of perspective. You get to choose which one is your Batman and which one is your Robin.

Here's what I would like to see happen: I'd like to see Imus lose his syndication and be moved from the air waves. Even if his remarks were genuinely a mistake, NBC shouldn't tolerate it. They're a key figure and they need to show the world that they don't tolerate such things. Besides, if they DON'T fire Imus, then Batman and Robin are going to organize a boycott of NBC, then it'll be "on" and you don't want things to be "on" when the black community is involved...'cause we'll "bring it".

Here's whats probably going to happen: Imus will lose a few crucial sponsorships and get a slap on the hand for being a bad boy with a careless tongue.

In any case, I think that Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson should start a Justice League of sorts. Round up all the minority political leaders of America and fight criminal and racial injustice. All of their arch enemies will form a group of Justice League antagonists. Said group will be founded by Imus, Michael Richards, Bill O'Riley, and the whole Bush Administration.

After these two groups are formed, then the world will reach a new level of shit being "on"'ll be "on and poppin'".

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