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more office awkwardness

These are true stories.


I'm sitting at my desk/cubicle/enclosure thingy doing my work thang. A very giddy-happy-go-lucky woman walks up holding a pink photo album. The following conversation takes place:

HER: Hi! Quincy?

ME: Yes.

HER: Oooooh, hi! I'm *forgot her name* I work up stairs. I've been on maternity leave for the past 3 months.

ME: *unable to control my bitter sarcasim* Oh, good for you!

HER: THANK YOU! So your first name is Quincy?

ME: Yes.

HER: My son's name is Quincy!

ME: Oh really?

HER: Yes! I bought pictures! *hands me the pink photo album*

**I could not believe this woman brought me pictures of her son, Quincy. As I flip through the photo album I realize that this woman is clearly not picking up on my "leave me alone" sarcasim, so I decide to have a little fun.**

ME: Wow, this is awesome!

HER: Yep!

ME: *pointing to her daughter* ...and who is THIS little bundle of joy?!

HER: Thats Baby Jessica...thats Quincy's new baby sister!

ME: Awwwwwwww :)

HER: Well, it was nice meeting you. I just wanted you to know that there's another Quincy.

ME: Ok, I'll se you around!

HER: K...buh byyyyye!


I have a problem with people who call their children "Baby ______".

Baby Jessica
Baby Thomas
Baby Wayne

Stop it.


A few days ago I went to lunch with my friend Danny. I was waiting for him in the lobby of my building when a guy walked up to me, shook my hand, and stopped to talk. The terribly awkward conversation followed:


ME: Hey, how ya' doin'?

HIM: I'm good, how have you been?

ME: I'm fine, thanks.

HIM: Hows the family?

**At this point it was clear that I had become a victim of mistaken identity. This dude thought I was someone I'm not, but so not to embarass this friendly stranger I played along.**

ME: They're well.

HIM: Thats good. How's school goin'.

ME: Ummm....its tough, but I'm gettin' it done.

HIM: Good, good! Make sure you stay in dem books!

**Danny walks up...thank GOD.**

HIM: Ok, I'll see ya' later.

ME: Yeah...later!

I immediately shared the story with Danny. We had a good laugh and made merry.

Ok...thats it. Happy Weekend.