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awkward office situations...

I talk and/or sing to myself about 90% of the day (95% precent of the day during weekdays). Today I was filing phone records and discussing whatever and more about elsewhere with me, myself, and I. I was so into conversing with myself that I didn't even see one of my bosses, Olga, standing next to me.

ME: *ranting to myself* blah blah blah blah

OLGA: Um...Quincy?

ME: Oh...err...yes?

OLGA: *slight pause* You're talking to yourself.

ME: Eh?

OLGA: You're talking, but no one is here. You were talking to yourself.

ME: Oh...ummm...sorry?

OLGA: No, no...its ok.

ME: Oh...well...thanks?

The moment was terribly awkward. Hear this: If you see someone talking to themselves, then keep it moving. Leave them to their own devices and mind yours! should all be jealous of me and here's why:

Rand (another boss) walked up to me today as I was minding my devices and told me that I'm the best dressed man on the floor. He said, "Quincy, I've been trying to firgure out how to tell you this for a while without sounding weird....but, you are the BEST dressed guy in the office." I blushed. I think Rand is a little gay for me....just a little bit.

Sometimes when I'm alone I try to move things with my mind. Sometimes I try this while at work. Sometimes people see me. Nuff said.