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I've met some very silly people in my life. I decided to see how ridiculous people can really get, so I posted the blog below as a bulletin on myspace to see who would actually believe it. To date I have approximately 3,110 people on my friend list and many (and I do mean MANY) read my bulletins on a daily basis. I'll be back later to tell you how many people actually believed this crap. Everything from this point below is the bulletin I posted:

Did you know that the word Friday was given its name by Duke Earl of Fry, IV in London back in the dark ages? There were, indeed, seven days in the week (all with their meanings), but what we now know as "Friday" used to be called "Ingday".


NOTE: As I'm sure you all know, since there are seven days in the week and seven continents, each continent was given their own day to name.

Duke Earl of Fry, IV found religion in his mid to late 40's and thus, embarked on a spiritual journey to Jerusalem. While he was gone London began to fall apart, for as everyone knows, the land will fall to pieces without its Duke to hold order. Upon returning from his, 1.3 year trek Duke Earl of Fry, IV restored London back to its flourishing economy. He went on to reign as Duke of London for many decades to come.

The people of London wanted to dedicate a day in the week to The Duke, but they dare not strip any of the other days of their already respectable meanings, so not to start a war among the continents. The leaders of the Kingdom met with other leaders of the continent and decided to change the name from "Ingday" to "Friday" in honor of The Duke Earl of Fry, IV!

NOTE: They used to spell it "Fryday", but as word spread to the world that the day's name had changed, miscommunication led to the mispelling. This can also be seen in the words 'color' (actually spelled colour) and 'town' (actually spelled towne).

After they changed the name of Ingday to Friday the continent broke into a celebration so joyful that lasted for two days: Saturday and Sunday. Hello, WEEKEND!!!!

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Duke Earl of Fry IV, taken shortly after his return from Jereusalem.

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