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Q.Ledbetter, the Friendly Thug

My confusions concerning women have doubled in the past two weeks. I'm a smart guy who prides himself on being not easily dumbfounded. Ladies have the honor of being the only beings on the planet Earth who consistantly leave me stupified.

A congradulations is in order.

....congradulations're all crazy and I think its sexy.

Radio DJ's are no longer aloud to refer to space aliens as "aliens" they have to say some stupid acronym like "ECE" or "ECP" or something like that. The FCC is out of control and they have reached a new level of wackness.

A congradulations is in order.

....congradulations're wackfully petty and I think its sexy.

People are going nuts that Disney has created a new motion picture about a black princess. The black community is in a proud uproar. I didn't even notice that we had a problem with the absence of a black princess. Much of the black community is, however, upset that the black princess will be the "Frog Princess".

I thought that being upset about the princess being dubbed the "Frog Princess" was silly. I instantly thought about the classic fairy tale of the frog prince where the prince was loathed by his kingdom and was turned into a frog until his princess found him and kissed him and turned him back into a prince. There's a moral here people: Dont' judge a book by its cover. Its whats on the inside that counts.

I think this moral parallels with the struggle of black people perfectly ( is a sturggle....and I'm not being sarcastic now). Minorities are frequently judged by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. I think its mighty thoughtful of the folks at Disney to call attention to the discrimination of black people via their lil' motion picture. That is of course, if thats what they're doing.

Besides, Disney is one of the HUGEST and most powerful conglomerates in the world. I highly doubt they'd risk public disapproval for some snide and undercover form of racism.

Now if I go to see The Frog Princess and she's a hoodrat from Booklyn and she's actin' ghetto and the movie's theme circles around a fried chicken eating contest, then I'll have a serious problem.

NOTE TO DISNEY: Don't screw us over. I'll call Brother Jessie and Uncle Al Sharpton and we'll try to outlaw yo' ass.

NOTE ABOUT MY NOTE TO DISNEY: That was half sarcastic and half "real shit".

RANDOM THOUGHT: If I were hardcore, I wonder what sort of thug I'd be....I'd probably be known as Quincy, the Friendly Thug; sorta like Casper, the Friendly Ghost.