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Audrey hates me now...and I'm cool with it

There is a woman named Audrey in my office. She is a superior to me on the corporate totem pole. As a matter of fact my position is so low that I wouldn't be on the totem pole at all. I'd be the guy who comes to the totem pole every Saturday afternoon to clean the bird shit off of the totem pole.

Anyways, Audrey comes to work at least 45 minutes to an hour late everyday and everyday she calls my desk and asks me to turn on her office light so to set up her office as if she got to work on time. The first couple of times someone asks you to do something like this, its cool and even a little cute. After doing this for someone everyday for 3 weeks straight it becomes clear that you're being used.

I'll bet Audrey doesn't even set her alarm anymore. I'll bet she thinks, "Oops! Late again! Ah well, I'll call Quincy and have him set up my office."

So for the past couple of days Audrey has called and asked me to turn on her office light to set shit up. I have not done it. I say, "Sure, I'll go turn on your office light," and then I stay right in my seat and keep doing mah' thang. I do this partially out of spite and partially because I genuinely forget to do it. Yes, I forget things that quickly. I spend my mornings here day dreaming until the sun comes up (I get here at 6am) and Audrey always interrupts my day dreams. I loath her for this, so when she calls, instead of getting up to set up her office, I grumble obsenities about her to myself until I feel better. By the time I feel better, I've began day dreaming again and I've completely forgotten to do what she's asked me to do.

So, for the past couple of days Audrey has come into the office and said, "Thanks Quincy," at which point I say, "Oops! I forgot." This has happened everyday for the past 2 or 3 work days and at this point I'm sure she things I'm doing this on purpose.

I'm not doing it on purpose, but I don't really care if she thinks I am. Perhaps this will prompt her to get to work on time like the rest of us; or at least learn to treat me like a colleague instead of her little peon.

I want to dream full time.

...and I will someday.

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