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Ledbetter and Newton sittin' in a tree....

On my way to work this morning, while stuck in traffic, I was grumpy. I'm always grumpy in traffic. I was a being a grouch all the way up until the song Poison by Bel Biv Devoe came on the radio. I began to party. People looked at me strange as I did the running man right there in the driver's seat of my car.

Thats right. I did the running man while sitting down. This is true; not false. Don't ask me how I did it, but it happened.

This weekend was pretty cool. On Friday we took Virginia out to dinner for her birthday celebration. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was fun. Saturday was spent on the grind. I worked in the studio and did photo shoots all day. Sunday, I did a photo shoot and worked in the studio.

I need a girlfriend.

My new imaginary girlfriend is the Thandie Newton from Mission Impossible II.

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She and I shall be wed and we will have a house in The Hamptons in upstate NY and have freakishly good looking babies.

So, I was watching the movie Unbreakable last night and it reminded me that I need an arch nemisis. I have chosen Taye Diggs to be my arch nemisis. He seems like a nice enough guy and very intelligent and a good enough actor, but he doesn't have any enemies. I've spoken to my friend Hamwattie about this. She is in agreeance with my decision.

Prepare for war Taye Diggs.


*shakes fist at the moon*

Miemo is sick :(

I'm moving in April. I'm not moving far from where I am now, but I'm moving. After I move I'm not running studio sessions for artists that aren't my artists; meaning artists that I'm actively promoting. I want to do music fulltime and I can't get to that point if I'm running random sessions for everyone. So after I move into my new house and set up my studio I'm gonna be focused beyond belief.