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the usual tom foolery

So, last night I went to The Mocha Hut open mic in DC. It was, as always, a great night. Look at this smiley face (^_^)

I realized that when I get up to recite one of my poems I get really nervous. When I'm nervous I ramble and act giddy like a little sissy ass school girl (a very manly school girl, mind you). It was Drew's (co-host of the Thursday event) birthday so everyone was roasting and sharing stories. I don't know Drew well enough to roast him, so I told the following story instead:

"My first night at The Mocha Hut was last year on Drew's birthday. I remember when I left I thought, "Wow, those guys [also referring to Dwayne...the other host] are so cool. I wanna be their friend."

I didn't know how gay that made me sound, until I said it. I'm not sure if the murmur of laughter was with me or at me. I thought to redeem (sp?) myself I'd say something macho, so I said:

I'm very in touch with my manhood, so I can say shit like that.

Something tells me that my attempt at redemption fell short of my expectations. There was a super fly, hot lady girl sitting at the front table. After my ambiguously gay statement and follow up moment of being a complete ass, I'm sure I didn't make a suave impression :p

"Better luck next time Q.Ledbetter. How about next time you do an open mic you skip the witless banter in the beginning and hop right into your incomprehensible poetry, eh?!" have a point, imaginary myspace friend. You have a good point, indeed. But, Ashley thought it was cute and as long as Ashley thinks my goings on and whats nots are cute, then I'm satisfied.

"Suit yourself loser!"

I will, mean imaginary myspace friend.

I will. (_|_)

After the open mic Ashely and I went to Ben's Chilli Bowl. For those of you who don't live in DC and have never been to Ben's Chilli Bowl, I'm very sorry for you. The chilli fries are to die for. Seriously, they have murals in the back of people who ate the chilli fries and died because they were so damn tastalicious. I ate light because I'm trying to eat healthy. I just had a burger.

Ashley and I ate greasy food and made chitty chat until it was time to go home.

I got home took a shower (control yourself ladies), bench pressed 250 pounds with one hand, and went to bed.

**NOTE: Everything is true about that last sentence except for the part about me bench pressing 250 pounds.

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