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awwwww...wait a minute

So, if you watched American Idol last night you know that Sanjaya is still on the show for another week. That means that millions of people in this country think that he has talent. I'm not angry with American Idol, I'm angry with all of you. Yes, thats right. I just said that. It happened.

If you voted for that little sissy girly man Sanjaya, then you have lost your credibility with me. If you had 100 points of credibility, then you've been docked 99 of them. Whats your problem? You really think that he's better than everyone else on the show. I think if Sanjaya was my frickin' cousin I wouldn't vote for his girly ass.

I felt kinda gay referencing Sanjaya's "girly ass". I didn't mean it in a homosexual way and I'm very in touch with my manhood, so I'm not going to delete it. I'm just sayin'...the dude is more of a female than my exgirlfriend...and my exgirlfriend is a girl in real life.

I had a serious "thing" for the lead singer of the Pussy Cat Dolls until I found out that she dated and made a sex tape with Ray-J. Now I'm all like, "Ewwwww!" She's tarnished goods. If it was anyone besides Ray-J, then she and I would still be on good fantasy terms, but now whenever I see her on TV I'm like, " dated Ray-J?????"

If I could have one wish, I'd wish her to be clean again.

NOTE: If you didn't catch what I did with that last sentence, then it means two things:

1) You haven't heard a Ray J song in over a year and I envy you for it.

2) You don't realize how funny and clever I am.I'm going to eat food now.

love yourself
love someone else
let them know....

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