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I've been Poonafied

The Poonanza last night was majorly fun. If you missed it, you missed a great show. Out of all my friends (outside of comedy) only Bianca showed up. Bianca gets a gold star.

I was in three sketches, one of which involved a live performance by Crucial Element; mine and Ryan Conner's fake rap group (

Everyone said I did a great job and it was funny, but I was too good. This is a problem that Ryan and I run into with Crucial Element. The music is supposed to be terrible, but people like it. They say its still very funny, but they're enjoying it at the same time. As long as they're laughing, then I've got no beef.

Another sketch I was in was centered around a dead on impression I do of my father. I do the impression of my father around people all the time as a gag, but I've never thought it was funny. Why? Because there is no joke. I just do things my father would do and say things he would say in his voice. I don't think my dad impression is funny because its not really a joke. Its just me as my dad. Everyone else thinks its great.

Anyways, I thought the sketch wouldn't do well, but it got a lot of laughs and compliments after the show.

Another sketch was something Ryan and I came up with where everyone does 30 seconds of a stand up act as if they were on BET's Comic View. Kojo had the best part. I liked Justin's hosting the best. I liked my part too, but it didn't get as many laughs as I felt it should've. Then again, maybe I'm just being hard on myself. I tend to do that.

Ok....the only sleep I've gotten is on the bus ride to DC and the bus ride back. I'm tired, so I'm gonna go now....but, I leave you with this:

wipe me down.

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