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dolla' dolla' bill yaaaaa'll

Guess who just got an $85 refund on his parking service account. If you guessed Thomas Finkleton, then you're way off. I don't know why you would even guess him.

I DID!!!! I'm gonna save it though.

Living up here in NJ/NY isn't as hellish as people say it is. I'm actually not spending as much as I would have been back in VA. Most of my money went to fast food joints and quick snacks. There is no McDonalds on every corner up here like in VA, so my money stays in the bank....where it should be. I'm also losing weight...YIKES!!!!

Son...I found these cinnamon rice crispy treats covered in melted brown sugar. As you can imagin tasting them is like having an orgasim in your mouth. I haven't had much sex in my life (its safe to say that I'm legally a virgin again), but I'm sure whatever good feelings I can't remember feeling from sex are no where close to the feelings I have when I taste these cinnamon/brown sugar rice crispy treats.

Assessment: Cinnamon/Brown Sugar Rice Crispy Treats, Orgasmic

Q.Ledbetter Random Update: The liquid soap is working out well. My skin is hella moisturized.

Assessment: Liquid Soap, Approved

Ryan Conner ( is my closest friend and new roommate. I have known him since the 7th grade. While on the phone with my brother he pointed out, "Yo, you've never been in a situation where you've acutally LIVED with Ryan, have you?" I have not...until now. Since then, I've been trying to assess if Ryan would make a good roommate, but I can't do that since he has stayed at the apartment 2 nights out of the 6 or 7 we have lived here.

Assessment: Good Roommate, Approved

Leon is the guy training me on my new temp job (fingers still crossed to become a permanent employee...cross them with me). Leon is pretty much awesome because he brings food. His family gives him food that he doesn't want every morning, so every morning he gives it to me.

Assessment: Leon Persaud, Approved...we are clear for Awesomeness.

Ok...enough slacking. Later.

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