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we have 2 winners of the gold stars of friendships

I don't have internet in my apartment yet and the Wi-Fi connection is poo-poo (at work now). I don't have time to type much, but just know that I got up here alright and I love it here.

The only terrible thing that has happened is my Asthma was acting up. I went to get some furniture and had an Asthma attack on the way back to my crib. Fortunately, my good friends Rory and Tony where there to carry the furniture and stick around with me until I got better. No worries, I have real medication now. It was scary though. I thought I would've had to go to the hospital (again...would've been the 3rd time within a month).

Special thanks to Tony and Rory for being great friends and lookin' after me while my lungs got better. It wasn't my intention for you guys to carry that furniture all that way (it was a while) and to have to hold off on your plans to make sure I was alright. It meant soooooo much!

10 gold stars of friendships and such for the both of you.

Alright, I gotta get back to work.

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