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telling your future is a bad idea

When I woke up this morning I got ready for work and I started packing to go home for the holidays. As I was packing I was thought to myself, "I'm not really going 'home'. I'm already home. I'm going to visit that place that used to be home." It was the first time I realized that Virginia isn't my home anymore.

I'm not sad about this, so don't go thinking that this is going to be one of those upsetting rants about me being lonely and what not. Nope. I just find it astonishing that one year ago today I was in a TOTALLY different place and a totally different mindset.

-The girl I was "talking to" and I aren't even on speaking terms right now, which is crazy because I thought she and I would do well.

-I live in a completely different state.

-My music is taking a very different (and much better) direction than I could've dreamed of.

-I'm living in a different place than I thought I'd be living right now.

-I'm working with a completely different brand and skill level of artists.

-I'm not associated with the same people I thought I'd be associated with for a very long time.

I could go on and on.

What I'm saying is, whenever someone asks you where you think you'll be or what you think you'll be doing at any point in the future, don't answer that question; because how could you possibly know?

I could be married with kids by this time next year.

I could be in Italy.

I could be homeless (GOD forbid).

I could be the biggest celebrity in the world.

You can never know...and I think that sort of excitement makes life worth living, don't you?

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