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kids have dirty diapers

I think its funny when a little kid is talking and all the adults around act as if what they're saying is interesting.

KID: I went to the store with mommy yesterday and she got me a bouncy ball to bounce off the walls!

PEOPLE: Woooooow! Thats awesome! What color is the ball?

KID: Its green, but I wanted the pink one 'cause I'm a princess.

PEOPLE: Yeah, green is icky!

KID: Yeah it is. You wanna see me bounce my ball against the wall.

PEOPLE: That'd be cool!

I dunno. I encourage children in the same way. I always act interested in what a kid is doing and saying. Its good for them. I just think its funny.

One thing I won't do is lead my children to believe that there is a Santa Claus. I never really believed in Santa Claus (my mom would tell you different...don't listen to her) and I turned out just fine.

Lucy Liu and I broke up :( I wish I could say it was mutual, but it wasn't. I had to call it quits. Sometimes she's just too into me, you know? I dunno. Maybe after the holidays I'll give her a second chance.

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