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Cafe Solitude dinner reservation, party of one :(

The magic word for today is "AWESOME" (and grammatically incorrect derivatives of the word). Lets see how many times I can use it.

So, Ryan (roommate and best bud) is leaving today for the holidays. He doesn't have a job, so he'll be gone for as long as he wants to be gone. He said it'll be about 2.5 weeks. Part of me is sad about this, but part of me is excited. I can snort all the coke and walk around naked and have all the parties I want.

NOTE: I won't be doing any of those things.

I'm gonna be lonely, but I figure all I need to get through the days is my guitar.

Last night was awesome and then it got a little bit less awesome and then it got down right terrible. I played an extra in a short film, which wasn't necessarily "awesome", but it wasn't "not awesome", so that was cool I guess.

Afterwards I went to the city to meet a friend I hadn't seen in a little more than 5 years. We had fun and she bought me dinner. SUPER AWESOMENESS!

Afterwards I met another friend for a movie. The move was awesome, but I stayed out a little longer than I would've liked to. This is the beginning of the not awesomeness.

After the movie I caught the train home. By the time I got to Hoboken it was raining freezing rain. TOTALLY not awesome! Since the Light Rail (train to my neighborhood in Jersey City) is in operable after midnight I had to catch a cab to the Light Rail stop that connects my city to Hoboken.

I got there and the gate was closed, so I was trapped in Hoboken at 2:29am. I was trapped in the "sketchy" part of the city. Did I mention that I didn't have a coat on. Oh yeah...I didn't because I'm an idiot.

At around 2:45am (took a while to reevaluate my life) I called Ryan, who was fortunately home) to come pick me up. I got home at some time after 3:30am and got into bed by around 4am, when I started to feel my sore throat and headache.

Needless to say, waking up at 6:45am to meet up for that extras thing wasn't going to happen.

Today, I'm hangin' out with myself. I may or may not answer my phone for anyone today. We'll see.

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