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a not-so-clever blog with a not-so-clever subject title....

My blogs and bulletins ( lack creative subjet titles. I think this is because most of my blogs and bulletins lack a specific subject. I don't have a plan when I type these things. Its not as if something crazy happens and I'm all like, "Oh snap! I gotta blog about that."

Dude, I am getting so much studio work done. Its unreal. Not having cable is wonderful. At first I thought I'd want to have cable in the apartment, but now I'm leaning towards not having it at all. Ryan and I have a sufficient amount ot DVDs. Besides, we have the BBC version of The Office and all the seasons of Arrested Development. What more could you need? We even have access to Extras. What more could you need in television entertainment?

NOTE: If you don't know what these shows are, then you're missing out.

I don't have anything entertaining or introspective to say this morning, so I'm going to expell a series of brain farts. You may read them if you wish:

My favorite word is 'pretentious'. Sometimes I ponder actually being pretentious so that people can associate me with that word. Its such a fun word to say and when I hear people say it I'm like, "Oooooh...quite the vocab on this one!" I'm sure that since 'pretentious' is such a fun word, people have fun saying it; and when people talk shit about me I want them to at least have fun while doing so.

The only problem is that people who are pretentious are not awesome. They are ass holes. I've worked 27 years mastering the art of awesomeness. I am at a crossroads, people :p

I have a confession. The man in the pictures in the photo section of my myspace page isn't me. Thats not what I look like at all. I actually look like this:

This photo of me was taken last year by my exgirlfriend, who was gracious enough to look beyond the looking glass and see me for who I am on the inside. I'm sorry for leading you on to believe that I am the guy in my myspace pictures. I just wanted you to know so if you ever want to date me in real life, there won't be any surprises.

Ok...I'm going to eat rocks for breakfast ('cause thats what green monsters do).

later you guys!

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