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pre friday jitter bugs

Gluttony is a sin that I ignored last night.

I was hungry and ordered Egg Foo Yung (my new "thing") from the local take-out spot. There was quite a bit of it, but that wouldn't stop me. I was hungry. Almost immediately after finishing the gigantic mountain of egg, rice, and foo yung (whatever that stuff is in the middle), I fell asleep. It wasn't one of those, "Oh, I'm tired so I'm going to go to sleep," things. Nope. This was one of those times when you're so tired that you only remember waking up.

Seriously, one second Ryan (best bud and new roommate) and I were unpacking our stuff and then the next moment I'm waking up in the fetal position on the couch.

I woke up this morning and my stomach talked to me. The following conversation ensued:

STOMACH: Good morning Q.Ledbetter!

ME: Oh man...whats up Stomach? How are you?

STOMACH: A bit grumpy.

ME: Yeah, I can feel that. Is everything alright. Was it the Egg Foo Yung from last night.

STOMACH: That and the fact that Mike Tyson stopped by for a visit while you were sleeping.

ME: Really?! Mike Tyson?!

STOMACH: Yep. He's right here. We're hangin' out.

MIKE TYSON: Hello, Q.Ledbetter.

ME: Wow, I can't believe that Mike Tyson is in my stomach.

MIKE TYSON: Believe it.

ME: What are you guys doing?

STOMACH: Well, Mike is about to start training for his next fight with Sasquach.

MIKE TYSON: It'll be a tough fight so a lot of introcious training is involved.

STOMACH: Mike, we discussed this. The proper word is "intense".


ME: Well, intense training doesn't sound like it would feel too good for me since you both are in my stomach.

STOMACH: Yeah, its not gonna feel good at all.

MIKE TYSON: ....and I train quite pretentiously.

STOMACH: The word is "viciously", Mike.

MIKE TYSON: Shut up.

ME: Stomach, I think this is pay back for the Egg Foo Yung from last night. I'm sorry about that. I was hungry.

STOMACH: Hey, whether this is about the Egg Foo Yung or not....Mike is training and thats all there is to it.

MIKE: I'll eat your babies Q.Ledbetter!

ME: Oh no!!!!!!


*Mike begins punching the insides of my stomach.

....and thats the story of how I woke up with bubble guts this morning.

I'm sorry. You didn't want to hear that. Try thinking of sun flowers and candy canes for the next few minutes to get this story out of your head. I'll give you a few minutes.

*la dee da*

Ok, that should be enough.

As you can see I've got nothing to say thats worth reading, so I'll leave you all alone now.

CURRENT REGRET: Eating all the Egg Foo Yung last night. I should've saved some for dinner tonight.

CURRENT SONG: Mother Nature's Son, The Beatles


CURRENT WORRY: That my "Current Yearning" gives you the impression that I'm not hardcore. I am. Trust me. I hang out with Mike Tyson.

CURRENT NEED: A manager to shop my music. Help me find one if you can.

GOD bless.

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