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.....but, plenty to read.

I skipped on a comedy show last night. I feel terrible because it was a pretty big one for my friends who were performing in it. I don't know what happened to my brain. I was in the studio and I turned my stuff off to head out for the show, but then I turned it back on and kept working.

The bad news is, I probably missed a really great show.

The good news is that I tracked out an idea for a really good track. Its left field. Thats where a lot of my stuff is going.

I just found out that I put together 7 chairs in my office incorrectly, thus solidifying the fact that I'm an idiot. This doesn't make me feel too good about myself.

Last night while me and my roommates where hanging out, Head (one of my roommates...yes, we call him, not for that reason) and I had the following exchange:

HEAD: Aye, Q.

ME: Yo.

HEAD: I'll bet you $20 that you couldn't eat a tablespoon of cinnamon.

ME: Sheeeeeit, dude. I love cinnamon.

HEAD: Yeah, but you couldn't eat a tablespoon of it.

ME: Are we talking about cinnamon and sugar?

HEAD: Naw, mayne....just raw cinnamon.

ME: *after a split second of pondering* BRING IT ON!

Flashback to Monday night, when one of my other roommates, Taylor, picked me up from the subway when I got back from my NY weekend:

ME: Thanks for picking me up, dude.

TAYLOR: some point the guys are gonna offer you money to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon.

ME: Ok.

TAYLOR: Don't do it.

ME: Why not? That doesn't seem like such a....

TAYLOR: No man....just don't do it.

ME: Ok....sure.

Flash forward back to last night:

IKE (another roommate): WAIT! Let me go get the camera so I can video tape this shit.

RISI (another roommate): My dude....make sure you get some water and soak up your mouth.

*Ike comes back with the camera*
*Taylor sits quietly shaking his head*
*Head laughs*

RISI: *looking into camera* This is my homie, Q.Ledbetter, about to take the cinnamon challenge! Q, you have to look into the camera, state your name, and your salary.

ME: *confused as to why the theatrics are necessary* Yeah name is Quincy Ledbetter and I make $41k a year.

RISI: Now go!


I'll stop right here. The rest is on video tape.

I warn you MySpace friends. Do NOT....I reapeat, do N-O-T attempt to eat a tablespoon of raw cinnamon.

Had I watched the video of Risi and Taylor trying to eat cinnamon I may have declined.

(I plan on posting the videos sooner than later).

Happy Friday my friends :)

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