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friday blaaaaaaaahg

Its official: Across the Universe is now on my list of one of the best songs ever written. This isn't opinion. Its fact.

I was hanging out with a female friend of mine earlier this week, who's name I shall keep a secret so that she won't be embarassed.

So yeah, Nyesha and I were hangin' out earlier this week and I asked the same question I ask anyone after hanging out with them for more than an hour:

ME: Do you like The Beatles?

NYESHA: The Beatles?

ME: Hell yeah.

NYESHA: I'm not a fan.

ME: WHAT???????

I don't trust people who do not like The Beatles or at least appreciate them. There are two types of people who don't like The Beatles:

1) People who say they don't like something because everyone else likes it and they are trying to go against the grain to feel unique and better about themselves. These are the same types of people who will tell you that they don't like cookes or Cinnamon Toast Crunch breakfast cereal.

2) People who haven't heard enough of The Beatles to provide you with a logical reply to the question, "Do you like The Beatles?" These people include Quakers and racists.

Earlier that night Nyesha joked around about me being her boyfriend (she's married, so I hope it was a joke). After this new development I let her know that I cannot date a woman who doesn't like (or at the very least APPRECIATE) The Beatles.

I have compiled a list of women who I would date even if they didn't like The Beatles:

-Your Mama

As you can see the list is not very long.

Enough Beatles praise. That isn't why I posted this bulletin.

....damn....I forgot why I posted this bulletin. I really had a good reason to post this one before I got into that Beatles stuff, but now I've on to more nonsense.

As you can probably tell, I'm not busy at work today.

Tonight is the birthday party of a friend of mine. She is having her party at 'da klub', which is a thing that people are fond of doing around here. Whatever happened to Chuck E. Cheese?

What if you met someone in real life named Chuck E. Cheese?

YOU: Hello, stranger! Whats your name?

CHUCK: My name is Charles.

YOU: Whats your full name?

CHUCK: full name is Charles Eugene Cheese. You can call me 'Chuck'.

YOU: Dude, your name is Chuck E. Cheese!!!!!


Anyways, I'm trying to get some folks to come to her party with me, but no one is wanting to come because its cold out and they're sissy faces who have to stay home and wash their panties (I'm talking about my guy friends). Either that or they're broke. In any case, it doesn't look like I'll make it becuase I'm not going to the club by myself.

I'm not saying that I'm so insecure that I can't go places alone. 98% of the time when I go to the movies I'm by myself and I am known to treat myself to a nice dinner, however, I have been to the club by myself and it is not cool with me.


there's nothing you can do
that can't be done

nothing you can sing
that can't be sung

nothing you can say
but, you can learn how to play the game

....its easy

there's nothing you can make
that can't be made

no one you can save
that can't be saved

there's nothing you can do
but you can learn how to be you in time

....its easy

All you need is love :)

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