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its been a while, hasn't it.

Yesterday was insanely busy at work and I didn't have much time to put together the 7 Ergonomically Correct Chairs that the top Executives wanted in their offices by this morning. As I was leaving the office my boss stopped me and asked if I wanted to work over time. Since I had an even busier day ahead of me, I declined and asked:

BOSS: When can you have those chairs done?

ME: I can have them put together by the time you get in tomorrow morning.

BOSS: Are you sure? There are 7 of them.

ME: Well....what time do you get in?

BOSS: Usually around 9am.

ME: I can do that.

BOSS: I don't believe you. I'll bet you $5 that you won't have it done.

ME: $5 it is, my friend.

My boss seems to forget that I get to work between 6am and 6:30am almost everyday. I finished the chairs even earlier than I thought so I went the extra mile and delivered them to their destinations. It is now 8:18am and I have around an hour to think about what to do with my new $5 bill :)

There is a lot I could do with $5. I could get 4 items off of the $1 menu at a fast food restaurant of my choice or go for a full value meal. I could buy a pack of gum and two bottles of Vitamin Water (my favorite is the red one). I could buy little trinkets for my friends and make Christmas come a little earlier for everyone. I'm like Santa Clause, son!!!! $5 would get me a lot of action in some 3rd World Countries, fortunately my morals wouldn't permit me to seize such an opportunity.

If you have any ideas as to what I could do with my $5, then I'm open to suggestions.

I've washed my hands because they got all nasty from putting the chairs together. Now I need lotion. I could buy lotion with my $5, but that takes the fun out of getting the $5, doesn't it. That was a terrible suggestion. Why would you offer up such a bad idea. This is why no one likes you.

lol j/k bff lmao

Last night I was talking to Sharon (not that Sharon...the other Sharon). She and I got into a debate/argument about music. Sharon seems to believe that there are rules to writing music. I disagreed and explained that there are no rules to writing lyrics or creating music in any way. She made some pretty convincing arguements when she referenced Classical Music and the different types of pieces there are. I feel as if I made a very suggestive argument when I said that if I write a classical piece, then who has the right to tell me what formate I HAVE to write it in.

Long story short, things got a little crazy. Sharon kept her cool, but I lost it. I threw things. Things got so intense that I got pregnant and gave birth to a monkey. Thats how insane the vibe was. My skin turned green and my already impressive muscles got bigger and tore through my garments. Thats when I became The Wolf. Then Sharon got scared and was all like, "Damn Quincy, you're the king!" I was like, "Unga!!!!!!!" because I can't speak english when I turn into The Wolf. Then I ran right through the wall and out into the night.

NOTE: Parts of this story aren't true. I'll let you decide what to believe.

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