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so, I just realized....

My blog is pretty pointless. There isn't anything of any real substance in its context (usually), but I think that adds a silly charm to it.

I just stumbled upon the blog of a fellow myspacer and as I read I thought, "Wow, this is some real stuff! These are this girl's actually thoughts and feelings." It was an interesting read (based on the few entries that I read.

I like coming across stuff like that because it reminds me that there are real people in the world who are fearless in showing everyone who they are. "Hey, this is me. This is what I feel." Most everyone else is too chicken shit to do that.


NOTE: I never use the word 'kudos', becuase it has been scientifically proven that when men use that word their penis shirnks two inches. Fortunately for me, *insert crude and completely false remark about the exaggerated size of my member* So, I've got some room to spare, if ya' know what I'm sayin'. Zzzzinger!

A small group of co-workers have decided to take me out for a farewell lunch, which is sweet, but I didn't want my leaving to be a huge deal. I don't do well with social situations like that. I hope they don't ask questions about my move or where I'll be working, how long I'll be working there, where I'll be living, why I'm leaving, et cetera. Thats what makes social situations like this awkward.

Ryan (bestest friend, super star comedian, and future roommate), just texted me in response to a text I sent him:

ME: My brother is giving us two couches for the living room.

RYAN: Cool, I'll put my couch in my office.

ME: Put it up your ass for all I care *happy face*.

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