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i can't make this stuff up....

Today, while wasting away the day on MySpace, I filled out a survey bulletin. This is something I do daily (sometimes twice daily). Don't judge me.

Anyways, one of the questions asked, "Why is the sky blue?"

The girl who answered it before me replied, "...because it reflects the ocean." I decided to be major prick and correct her when I gave my answer. I typed, "...actually the ocean reflects the blue sky, that is why when you fill a glass with 'blue' ocean water, it will be clear. the sky is blue because of our Earth's atmosphere. if the sky were purple, then so would our oceans."

I got a reply from a different myspace user that read, "Ok Mr. Smarty Pants, then why is water sometimes green?!"

Water is never green. I don't care what fancy science books this girl has read, nor do I care what science books you have read. I'm right about this. Clean water is transparent, which means its clear.

I explained that perhaps this "green water" appears to be green because of the marsh at the base of the body of water she is talking about.

I'm not usually confident that I'm 100% correct about things. I'm usually open to be proven wrong, but you'll have a tough time convincing me that the sky is blue because water is blue and that water comes in different colors.

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