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bliahodh (try pronouncing that)

I cut my own hair a couple of nights ago. Besides leaving my life in VA behind to move to NY this Saturday, cutting my hair on my own is the most daring thing I've done this year. Last year the most daring thing I'd done was wrestle an Anoconda on an air plane while protecting a key witness in a court case involving a crime boss, but thats a whole other story in itself.

My very good buddy and fellow kick ass music producer, Overok, warned me about how much it would cost to move up to New York. I thought he was shucking and jiving. As of tonight I have spent a little over $3000 on this move.

Moral: Overok does not shuck and jive.

2nd Moral: I can save a shit load of money in a short amount of time if I really want to.

Everytime I take public transit I see interesting people. While on the bus for 4 hours last night a group of 5 Arabian Corporate-Types boarded the bus. They were speaking in their native tongue loud and obnoxiously. I didn't understand a word of what they were saying, but I'm sure it went something like this:

"WOW! Look at all the seats there are available!"

"Yeah, look at 'em! There are so many vacant seats to choose from! Where should we sit?"

"I don't know, but wherever we sit, I want to be loud and OBNOXIOUS!"

"Of course!"

"Look! There's Q.Ledbetter!!!!!"

"GREAT!!! We'll sit next to him!"

Not even turning my Zune on full blast could block out their banter. One of them was a close talker and I could see that it was making his cohorts uncomfortable. It was comical to watch.

When they went to sleep I thought I would get a break from their endless ranting, but they even slept loud. I'm a loud sleeper when I'm not on my Asthma meds (heavy breathing, coughing, etc.), but these freakin' guys....I tell ya'!

Ike (my roommate) has this thing where he talks to everyone like he's their father.

Senario 1:

RISI (another roommate): What up Ike?

IKE: Your room is dirty, thats whats up. Go clean that shit up!

Senario 2

IKE: *to me* Boy, you look just like yo' damn daddy!

ME: Hahahahaha!

IKE: Look at that, even got that nigga's laugh 'n shit. What in the hell????

ME: Hahahahahaha!

IKE: No go on up to your room and do your homework. Let me check it when you're done.

There is a small chance that you're wack and don't think this is funny. If you are one of these people, then I suppose you just have to be there when he does it. Its pure hilarium.

'Hilarium', is a word I made up a couple of months ago. When I'm famous I'm going to say it in a nationally viewed interview and try my best to get it put into Webster's Dictionary. Much like what George W. Bush is trying to do with the word 'Strategery'. Making 'Strategery' a real word is the only area of his agenda in which he has my unwaivered support.

Daniela picked me up from the bus stop tonight. She is pure awesomeness.

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