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There isn't really anything big about today. I just felt like saying that. It makes things more exciting. If you opened this bulletin expecting to read about something exciting, then I'm sorry to mislead you. I understand if you don't want to be friends anymore.

....actually, no I don't. Why would you overreact like that?


My Brotha From Anotha Motha Yet Unable to Replace My Real Brotha, Mr. Ryan Conner (yes, that is his full title) spoke with someone renting apartments yesterday and it would seem that he and I have found a place to live in NYC. Well, technically its Hoboken, New Jersey, but anyone who lives in NYC knows how close it is to Manhattan. The place is straight up ill. There aren't any words to describe how pimp-a-licious this place is. Its right on the Washington St (the main strip) and its almost a 2 block walk to the waterfront where you can see views of Manhattan. I dare to say that we'll be able to see the city from our apartment, but I'm don't know for sure. Feel free to congradulate me as I do my little two step.

So, tonight I'm going to "da klub" again. I went last week, also. this is highly out of character for me. I usually go to the club once every 3 months (if that). This will be the second weekend in a row where I'm going to be out in DC shaking my ass to some funky jams.

NOTE: I made that last sentence corny on purpose.

I did some self-reflecting last night and wondered what circumstances led to me going to the club two weeks in a row. I concluded that women can talk me into doing anything; especially if I don't have to pay money.

I think paying money to have fun is mentally challenged.

NOTE: I was going to say "retarded", but I didn't want to offend the people who would get offended by me saying that word because in most cases people who would be offended by me jokingly using the word "retarded" in that context are, indeed, mentally challenged to some degree.

Speaking of being politically correct:

This morning I heard reports of a group of idiots fighting to stop Santa Clause from saying, "HO HO HO" because its offensive to women. This is stupid. I thought society had reach a new low when they tried to abandon the religious aspects of Christmas by complaining that the holiday forced Christianity on Agnostics, Athiests, and people of other religions.

I'm no religious nut, but I don't see what it was about 2005 that made people realize how this holiday originated. I mean, hasn't Christmas been around for centuries?! Why haven't these people complained earlier?

I have noticed that the pursuit of misery is a part of human nature. Its almost as if people need something to be angry or upset about. The more I realize this, the more I try not to be one of those people. You should do the same. After all, when do we ever have a right to be upset about anything? Things could always be worse.

I've got more, but I'ma stop because this bulletin is turning into an epic saga.

I'm writing a screenplay about the time when Josh Heartnett and I saved Christmas. In the story your mama is going to be played by Natalie Portman, but she'll have to gain 50 pounds and get hit with an ugly stick every morning for 3 months to be a fit for the role.


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