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interview with Smart Monkey


1) So, Smart Monkey, you work with Smart Baby in the Q.Ledbetter Association of Awesomeness, correct?

Yes, that is accurate.

2) What is your role there?

I am Q.Ledbetter's Image Consultant.

3) Wow! Exciting. Q.Ledbetter has an outstanding image!

Yes, I know.

4) So, Smart Monkey lets get down to the nitty gritty. Is there a woman in your life?

Yes, I'm dating Topanga from the classic hit series, Boy Meets World, she and I have 3 beautiful monkey babies

5) I'll bet you encounter a lot of racism since you are involved in a biracial couple.

Its a cruel world. Give peace a chance everyone!

6) So, what makes Q.Ledbetter such a wonderful client?

Q already has a very established look. If you've seen him in person you will recognize his primate features. He has a bottom lip that pokes out further than the rest of his face when he is deep in thought. He reminds me of my mother, so it was a familiar task to create the Q.Ledbetter you know and love, today.

7) I've never noticed Q.Ledbetter's bottom lip poking out.

He is embarassed about it, so he hides it in photos. He also hides his tail.

8) Q.Ledbetter has a tail???????

Yes, he does; and a mighty fine one. While I was a professor at Berkley I did a study on humans with tails. Its actually a sign of creativity. Smart Baby and I are trying to get him to embrace it.

9) Speaking of Smart Baby, how involved are you in the bulletin/blog writing process?

Very little. Smart Baby handles Q.Ledbetter's statements and ideas.

10) Does Q.Lebetter ever share his ideas on his own?

To be completely honest, no. He does little to nothing. He's a puppet to myself, Smart Baby, and the Munchies.

11) Who are The Munchies?

The Munchies are the people who create Q.Ledbetter's music and take his photos.

12) What?!

Its ture.

13) So, Q.Ledbetter does do anything! What is his purpose.

Two words, my friend: Public Relations. Q.Ledbetter is human. It would be very difficult for Smart Baby, myself, and the Munchies to make a name for ourselves since we are an infant, a monkey, and imaginary creatures.

14) This is true.

Its is a very cruel world.

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