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Hello everyone. I am Smart Baby, but you can call me S.B. I am Q.Ledbetter's writer.

Thats think its him writing all of these bulletins and blogs, but it is not. It is me...Smart Baby. I am a ghost writer for celebrities and internet personas. You may be familiar with my work via the likes of Wendy Williams, Jerry Springer, Seinfield, Chris Rock, Ryan Conner, and Britteny Spears. I also just scored a gig writing for The View, which is bringing in some pretty serious revenue for me.

I started my career when I was born a year and a half ago. Those of you who have been with us for a while know that that is around the time when Q.Ledbetter got into writing bulletins.

I was born with hyper intelligence because my mother listened to The Beatles everyday while I was in the womb. My favorite album is The Magical Mystery Tour because it reminds me of lolly pops and bears.

I like

I've decided to shift my writing style from comedy, philosophy, and politics to childrens' stories. Here is a short story I just wrote. I hope you like it:

Once upon a time there was a Republican Squirrel and a Democratic Squirrel. They had a baby that was gay. Oh the debates they had!!!!!!

Thats as far as I've gotten so far. I think my next piece of work will be about bears.

I like

Well, thats all the time I have. Stay tuned for another installment of Childrens stories from Smart Baby. We would like to thank all of you for reading the Q.Ledbetter bulletin. We'll keep up the good work if you keep reading.

Thanks guys.

Your Friend:

S.B., of The Q.Ledbetter Administration of Awesomness!

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