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What National Blackout?!?!

I anyone else hip to this National Blackout thing? I just got finished reading about it on (another site I'm addicted to besides myspace)?

Apparently, there is a call for all the Black people in America to hold off on buying anything tomorrow in protest of racism. If I am wrong about this, then you have to correct me because based on my understanding this is the dumbest idea I've ever heard.

How does not supporting American business do anything to end or protest racism? The principle of not supporting American business is almost the same as having a principle to deliberately hurt our economy. Am I wrong that not supporting American business would hurt the economy? Please correct me if I am wrong.

If you feel like I am wrong, then you have to respond to me and explain how this is not a ridiculous form of protest. How will we measure the effects of such a protest? Its not like the first Million Man March where we saw 1,000,000+ Black People march on Washington and call for change. Its not like when Dr. King spoke in Washington decades ago and let his words be felt. Those are real demonstrations of revolution. Calling for our people to not buy anything for a day is an idea that is full of hot air and I'm surprised its even being talked about in actual news.

I'm surprised I'm even talking about it this long.

I'm not an asshole about this and I really want to take part in an effective protest against racism, so if you know the specifics of the National Blackout and can shed some light on the subject (and make it make sense to me), then please hit me up end school me.

If its worth it, I want to take part. If its not, then I'm going to start a revolution against sensless revolutions and start getting people together to revolt effectively.


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