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weird phone call I had....

This happened to me last weekend. I've been trying to make sense of it ever since it went down.

*phone rings*

ME: Hello?

PERSON: Hello, is this Quincy?

ME: Yes it is.

PERSON: My name is Sherod.

*long awkward pause*

ME: Hello?

PERSON: Yes, this is Sherod.

ME: Who?

PERSON: Sherod.

ME: Ok.

PERSON: I was calling to ask when did you give me your number?

ME: I'm not sure. I don't remember giving anyone named Sherod my number at all.

PERSON: Well, I'm confused as to how your number got in my phone.

ME: Me too.

PERSON: Do you go clubbing?

ME: *starting to get freaked out* No, man....No, not usually.

PERSON: Ok...I only ask because I go clubbing a lot and I usually get numbers from people when I go clubbing.

ME: Well, are you a musician?


ME: Ok...because a lot of artists and musicians are given my number by reference from someone I've worked with.

PERSON: Well, thats not possible. I can only think of having your number if it was given to me if we met at a club.

ME: *getting irritated* I didn't meet you at a club, dude.

PERSON: Well, then how did your number get in my phone.

ME: I don't know, man.

PERSON: Well, I just got a new phone.

*awkward pause*

ME: Ok....

PERSON: Well, since we don't know each other I just won't put you in it.

ME: Fine by me, dude.

PERSON: Ok, so I'll just delete you, then.

ME: By all means....

PERSON: This is "Quincy", right?

ME: Yes, it is.

PERSON: Ok. Bye.

ME: Riiiiight.

To this happened last week and I was waiting on sharing it with the world until I figured out who this "Sherod" guy could be. I have no idea. So, its like this. He got my number from someone who has my number, which means he asked for it. If you gave it to him, please check with me before you give my digits out to anyone else that I don't know.

...especially if they're they type of looney tune that forgets asking for peoples' numbers and goes out of their way to actually call and admit such things.

This has been a Public Announcement by the good folks of Q.Ledbetter Productions.
Thank you.

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