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the game plan

Reality TV is taking over our world and with Hollywood writers going on strike from most of the production houses (get up on your entertainment news), the presence of Reality Television shows is going to intensify. Your buddy, Q.Ledbetter, is going to ride the waves of reality and get on this band wagon.

I am going to quit my job and become a slut because sluts get Reality Television shows. Here is a step-by-step explaination of my game plan.

PHASE ONE: Become a slut.

Two words: Sex Tape. I am going to chose one (heck, maybe two) lucky female celebrities to have sex with on video. I would choose Lucy Liu, but I plan on marrying her and everyone knows you can't marry the woman you have a sex tape with. Thats not pimpin'.

The obvious choice would be Briteny Spears, but she's too fertile. I'm afriad I'd get her pregnant. I was thinking about Nicole from The Pussy Cat Dolls, but she doesn't seem like she likes skinny guys. I don't know why I think that. Telia Tequila is too much of a star right now and she is already in her final phases of reality super stardom. I need someone who is in Phase One already. Telia is far beyond the slut phase. She became a slut a long time ago. She's right up there with New York and Flava Flav!

I don't know who to choose, so if you think of someone, then let me know.

PHASE TWO: Start working on the album.

I'm in talks with K.Fed to form our super rap group FEDBETTER. He wanted to call our group LED-FED, but ideas like that is why he sucks and I'm awesome. We have Scott Storch working on our first single featuring Paris Hilton.

Be on the look out after PHASE ONE is completed!

PHASE THREE: Get on a VH1 dating program.

After my modeling career takes off I'll be selected to be on a show where I'll be competing with 12 other guys to marry a slut who is already in PHASE FOUR (explaination of PHASE FOUR is soon to come). This is the phase where things get crazy. While on the show I will execute, Operation Slut Storm, which involves me creating drama among the other contestants. I will eventually be kicked off of the show for something silly like, saying I was never in a sex tape with *insert B-list female celebrity here* (see PHASE ONE), but after I am exposed I will become a bigger star than the star of the show I am getting kicked off of.


At this point I will have signed a two season deal with VH1 and have my own spin-off show that showcases me in my truest and sluttiest form. The show will be called, Quincy's Angels. I'll make up silly nicknames for them like: Pumpkin Butt, Jersey Dame, MySpace Mayhem, Powder Panther, Moon Cricket, Thunder Monkey, Mud Duck, et cetera.

Well, now that you know my plan, don't go trying to steal it from me. You have to have heart to be a super slut and most of you don't have the chops.

Happy Halloween.

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