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The Beat Down

The Producer Showcase went well last week. I had a great time and I surprised myself with how well I held it down. The other producers were really good and it felt good to feel as if I was on par with their talent level.

Three of my Five roommates came along! Head, Khadi, and Ike showed up near the end of the first round, which made me feel all fuzzy inside :) They left at the beginning of the second round and stayed for all of an hour, but it was still cool that they came. I would've been upset if no one I knew showed up. It meant a lot that they took the time out to come and support me.

I'm very excited about American Gangster this weekend. You should be, too; unless you're a dirty bootlegger and have already seen it (_|_)

Yeah...thats an ass.

Darren gave me Final Fantasy Tactics as a going away gift. Darren is among the coolest people I know right now.

Ryan Conner and I have a mock rap group called Crucial Element:

He and I recorded a song recently called, "Hoes Run in Packs". In the begining I make fun of snap music by whispering the following chant as soon as the song starts:

Aquaman that hoe
Aquaman that hoe
Aquaman that hoe
Aquaman that hoe

It was a joke. It was a joke meant to make fun of people taking superhero names and putting, "....that hoe" after it. Superman that hoe. Spiderman that hoe. These are all real songs. I thought it would be funny to make something up.

Well, last night my roommates were on YouTube and we saw the Aquaman video. Its a real song now. The music industry is falling apart.

Flash that hoe.

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