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lazy with the punctuation on this one.... obsession with The Beatles has reach a new high.

Last night I watched Parts 3 and 4 of an 8 Chapter DVD anthology of the histroy of John, Paul, Ringo, and George. Since it was the last thing I saw before falling asleep I had a dream that I was a Beatle. I wasn't one in particular, but I was a Beatle.

....and Quincy

It was an ill ass dream. I don't remember specifics, but I know that I had a mini afro.

Fun Fact: Paul McCarteny heard the chords to Yesterday in a dream and was originally not going to record it because he thought he'd heard it before.

Another Fun Fact: John Lennon came up with the name of the band in a dream years before they met each other.

When I start dreaming my destiny, then I think my head will explode with excitement. Maybe I already have before, eh? In high school I had a dream that I was in the studio with Wu-Tang. After I graduated from college I had a dream that I was traveling the world and there was a parade in honor of my contribution to the music industry.

True story.

I can't remember the last time I told someone I loved them without them saying it to me first. I never tell my mom I love her until she says it to me. The same thing goes for friends. This isn't something that I do consciously, but it is something that I'm aware of whenever someone says, "I love you," to me. I don't like that about myself. I'm gonna try to change that.

Take a moment today to tell someone that you love 'em. It'll make their face go like this:


...or like this:


....or maybe this:


....or even this:


...I think that last one is if you say it to a stranger; or if you're a dude and you say it to another dude that you just met on the elevator or the airport rest room. In those cases I wouldn't try the "I love you" thing, but any other time is cool.

I'm going to see American Gangster this weekend and I want to share the experience with friends, however, many of my friends have already seen it because they're dirty bootleger faces. Thats right, I said it.....filthy, dirty bootleger faces! Many of my cohorts have already seen the movie because they already have the DVD.

I don't understand the logic behind people getting bootleged movies. Its not the same as seeing a movie in the theater. In the theater you get the top quality audio, that people slaved for countless hours crafting. You get the wide screen and best viewing quality. You get the experience of seeing the movie as it was meant to be seen!!!!! Watching a bootleg film is like going to a 5 star French restaurant and trying to order a McDonalds double quarter pounder with cheese. Its not the same. You won't enjoy the movie as much as you would if you saw it in a theater.

I can almost understand going to see a movie in theaters and loving it so much that you want to see it again and THEN getting the bootleg UNTIL the actual DVD comes out. I can dig that. I've seen Across the Universe in theaters twice now and I want to see it again. Since I've seen it in the theaters, I'm willing to downgrade my 3rd viewing to a bootleg...UNTIL THE ACTUAL DVD COMES OUT; at which point I will buy the Platinum Series because that movie is phenomenal.

I can even understand getting a bootleg for a movie that you don't like. But, if you have been looking forward to the release of a film and its getting rave reviews from critics all over the country and you yap about how great it will be, then don't get the quarter pounder wtih cheese....go for the filet minon.

NOTE: I'm sure I spelled 'fillet minon' wrong. Don't correct me.

ok...thats it.


I love you.

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