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wow...suppose being awesome runs in the family

This is an article about my cousin Clyde. Clyde plays for the DC United, but since I know nothing about sports and have no interest in sports I don't know jack crap about Clyde's athletic awesomeness. My friend Ryan Conner has expressed his disappointment in my lack of knowledge in sports and especially lack of knowledge about this area of Clyde's life. A coworker sent me this article as a result of his disappointment that I know nothing about my cousin's athletic achievements. My roommates don't follow soccer, so they don't give me any crap.

It seems as if the only person who is not irritated by my disinterest in sports is Clyde, himself. He and I hung out last week for a brief while and as he left the following conversation took place:

CLYDE: Alright, man. I'll see you later.

ME: Hold on Clyde.

CLYDE: Whats up man?

ME: I'm not sure if you know this, but I don't know anything about sports and anything related to athletics.

CLYDE: Hahahaha...yeah.

ME: The thing is that until recently I had no idea of the magnitude of your accomplishments. My friend Ryan and a coworker always give me shit about it.

CLYDE: Hahahahahaha...for real?

ME: Yeah....I'm sorry man.

CLYDE: Its alright. Don't worry about it. Aaron (another cousin) came out to a game for the first time a few weeks ago. You should come to one. He had a lot of fun.

ME: I'll do that.

It is to be determined as to whether or not I'll actually go. I can't STAND sporting events. But, if any of you want to go to one of their last home games, then talk me into it.