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liar liar pants on fire....

I took the day off this past Friday because I went out on Thursday night and was out pretty late. I must be psychic because just as Friday came about, so did my severe sinus cold. I spent the whole weekend shuffling around the house zombie style.

I'm feeling much better now, thanks for asking.

Anywhoodle, I'm back at work now and my one of my bosses walks up and the following small talk session took place. NOTE: Lies are marked with an asterisks (*):

BOSS: So Quincy, how was your weekend?

ME: Eventful.*

BOSS: Oh really?! What did you do?

ME: I went up to New York.*

BOSS: Wow! You went to New York City?!?!

ME: Yep.*

BOSS: Cool! What did you do up there?

ME: Some photography stuff.*

BOSS: Nice! That sounds like fun!

ME: It was, man....lots of fun.*

As you can see I lied about everything I did this weekend to my boss. I'm not sure why I did this, but after a few moments I decided that I would use my lies as a prelude for more lies to come. My imaginary trip to New York this past weekend will be the spring board I need when I tell my boss that I'm moving up to New York the day I resign from my position here in the Guuh'mint (that's how my dad says 'government').

I'm a terrible liar, so we'll see how that works out.

I got TONS of work done in the studio this weekend and with every day that passes I feel myself getting better and better at what I do. Its exciting. The only hard part is getting the right people to listen and having the courage to get in their faces. I'm a laid back and passive type of guy and that part of my personality isn't condusive of success in this industry; hence, my need for a manager to do some of the talking for me. Wish me luck on looking for one.

Dear Kojo,

That blog you said you were going to write about your trip to Seattle is awesome! You weren't lying about those pictures you got of the Wu-Tang show. They kick ass and since I'm a huge fan of Wu-Tang it was good to see them on stage via your photographs. I enjoyed reading the details about your adventures over there. I'm glad you've started blogging again like you said you would.*



P.S. - I understand that I'm a loser for pointing out that you're too cool to blog. I'm just f--kin' wit'cha and wish that you were as geeky as I am and blogging 1 million times a day so I don't feel as lonely here in Squaresville.

All of you should go see The Kingdom. That movie pretty much kicks ass. The last 20 minutes are unspeakably hot.

Daniela (office hot girl) is Argentinian, meaning she's from Argentina. She's very good looking and sassy, however not my type (as if I had a shot). In the movie Inside Man, there is a small role character who is a woman from Argentina; also very good looking and sassy. I was watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent this weekend and one of the episodes had an Argentinian woman as a character; again very good looking and sassy.

Are all women from Argentina very good looking and sassy? If so, I want in.

Okay, that's it. I'm gonna spell check this moe-foe and post it up on the ol' blog jump off.

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