My name is Quincy Ledbetter, an award winning filmmaker, photographer, and musician who focuses primarily in narrative, documentary, and experimental film.  As a jack of all trades, I excel in writing, directing, editing, cinematography, producing, and music composition.

I took the leap into digital media as a Video Producer & Editor at Mashable, where I conceived, produced, shot, and edited original content.  From there I did a short freelance stint at NPR developing new shows and then moved on to work as a Video Director & Editor at Mic where I served primarily as a DP and editor. After that, I landed at HuffPost as a Video Director and Senior Video Editor.

Most recently, I won the Project CRE8 competition by BET and Paramount Players to direct my forthcoming feature film, Alieu the Dreamer.

I am always developing original films and shows, so please, don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to work together or learn more about my work!

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