My name is Quincy Ledbetter, an award winning filmmaker, photographer, and musician  who focuses primarily in narrative, documentary, and experimental film.  As a jack of all trades, I excel in writing, directing, producing, editing, cinematography, and composition.

After working on passion projects for over 10 years, I took the leap into digital media as a Video Producer & Editor at Mashable, where I conceived, produced, shot, and edited original content.  From there I did a short freelance stint at NPR developing new shows and then moved on to work as a Video Director & Editor at Mic where I served primarily as a DP and editor. 

Currently, I am working as a Video Director & Senior Video Editor at HuffPost.

I am also working on developing original content such as short and feature length films.

Please, don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to work together or learn more about my work!

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